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a-lum-ni: noun, plural

  1. one who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university

  2. one who is a former member, employee, or contributor

You are an alumnus of Fullerton College...

If while at Fullerton College you completed an Associate Degree, transferred to a four-year institution, completed a certificate program, or took just one course to gain new knowledge.

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We need you to share your story of how you entered the workforce!

Tell Fullerton College students about your professional experiences and share your FC experiences such as the courses you took, the clubs you were in, or where you transferred when you left FC. 

Informational interviewing to allow a student to ask you questions about your career; just 20-30 minutes over-the-phone, via email, or in-person.

Job shadowing where students spend a few hours or several weeks with you at your place of work.

Video taping to share your career path in a 2-3 minute segment that can be streamed via the Internet.

To participate, please contact Janine Cirrito, Career & Life Planning

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